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About the Host School

Established in 1989, Chengdu Foreign Languages School (CFLS) is the first school in Sichuan Province with foreign language teaching as its primary focus. CFLS now has 5,800 students (from 13 to 18 years old) and about 650 teaching staff. It is located in Chengdu’s High Tech West Zone. 

CFLS is highly regarded as one of the best schools in Chengdu, as well as, in Sichuan Province. Long term exchange and mutual visit programs have been initiated and carried out between CFLS and some very well respected schools and colleges in the USA and UK.

 CFLS ranks among the top schools locally and nationally. It is one of 16 foreign languages schools approved by the State Education Ministry to recommend students to be exempt from the Chinese National College Entrance Examination (Gao Kao). 100% of CFLS graduates passed the National College Entrance Examination and about 70% have enrolled in the leading national universities. 

The main task of CFLS is to train students to have a good command of foreign languages and to lay a solid foundation of general knowledge for higher education. Curriculum at CFLS includes: English, Math, Chinese, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Politics, History, Geography, Computer Science, Art and PE.  


About the AP Centre

Officially opened in September 2009, the AP Center is located on the fifth floor of CFLS School. Our facilities include foreign and Chinese teachers’ offices, classrooms, a physics digital laboratory, a self-study room, a library, and a counseling center. The vision of CFLS AP Program Center is to develop a community of lifelong learners who use English, critical thinking skills, and intercultural understanding to gain opportunities at universities around the world, in their future careers, and in their personal lives. For AP Center entrance purposes students are assessed in English and Mathematics.  

CFLS AP Program Center integrates three academic areas to produce exceptional CFLS AP Program Center Graduates. Our curriculum combines AP Programs with Chinese subjects. Our Grade 10 students begin their course of study with pre-AP courses. By Grades 11 and 12 all students study Advanced Placement (AP) courses which are taught in English by expatriate teachers. Jointly, with their AP courses, the students study the Chinese National Curriculum. All subjects aim at creating balanced, committed, learners who can apply their knowledge academically, professionally, and personally. In addition, all students participate in a wide variety of community service and extracurricular activities. Out of classroom learning experiences promote English fluency, allow for artistic expression, and increase preparation for a successful college experience. Finally, in preparation for university applications and coursework, the AP Center requires students achieve a satisfactory level on the TOEFL. Additionally, both Grades 11 and 12 attend SAT courses which encourage students to practice critical reading, writing, and thinking skills.




 Hailed as the “Land of Abundance”, Chengdu lies in the southwest of China, in the center of the West-Sichuan Basin. As the capital of Sichuan province, our city is the center of technology and innovation. With a long-standing history and civilization, the city is known for being home to the giant pandas, as well as, being a relaxed and laidback city. Visitors should not miss the spicy Sichuan cuisine, famous hot pot, or delicious local snacks!  

The surrounding countryside and smaller towns in Sichuan also provide visitors with a wide variety of sites to see. From the impressive Giant Buddha in Leshan, to the colorful lakes in Jiuzhaigou, and the forgotten Tibetan villages in Ganze, there are plenty of things to see just within the province. Of course, Chengdu is also very accessible to other parts of China, with planes, buses, and trains running daily to many locations. 

Foreign teachers tend to live off campus and travel to school by electric bike or bicycle. The standard of accommodation is high, for many apartment complexes located near the school are newly constructed. There is a good combination of Chinese and Western food options located at the main shopping center. Also, situated nearby is a Walmart, fitness center, movie theater, convenience stores and multiple bank branches. The school location remains unique, for though it is within the city, there is a true local feel. Some teachers are also involved with city activities such as watching football games or playing rugby for the local club team. There is a good social scene available in the city as well. 









Teacher Case Study

Jose Hernandez, Physics

After finishing my degree in Physics in 1999 at the University Complutense of Madrid, Spain I received a Masters Degree in Environmental Management, and worked as an Environmental Consultant for four years. I enjoyed working to pursue a more sustainable world, but I missed physics too much. So I went back to College and I got my qualification to teach Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics, therefore discovering the fascinating, challenging and rewarding profession of teaching.

Before Dipont decided to recruit me, I spent 7 years teaching in Madrid and in California. I miss all the students that I had before, and I keep a vivid memory of many of them, but I could not be happier with the kids that I am currently working with. 

Being a member of the AP Program at Chengdu Foreign Language School means assuming a wide range of tasks, like preparing a consistent curriculum for the students, organizing labs, encouraging critical thinking and helping to develop team working skills, among others. Thanks to the support of all the other teachers, not only within the AP Program, but also the Chinese teachers doing their best for the students, I feel that we are doing a great job helping the students to reach their full potential and to become owners of their own learning process. 

In my own experience, working here has provided me with a great opportunity to learn from a great team ofprofessionals, as well as to be in touch with a generation of students showing a great level of maturity and commitment. Besides, being part of Dipont makes me feel supported in a variety of aspects: inside the school the science group provides Physics teachers with all the imaginable materials, outside the school Dipont staff makes my life a lot easier helping me and my family to solve issues like housing, communication with the Administration, even when we have issues with the Bank or the Internet company. 

I came to Chengdu with my wife and my two dogs. We enjoy simple things of life, like discoveringthe Chengdu gastronomy and landscapes, walking in the park long hours, and travelling. We also like to invite friends and co-workers togather around a home made dinner now and then. Having landed within a community of such nice people, in such a great city, definitively helps to be a committed teacher and a better professional.







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Student Case Study

 Erica, Chengdu Foreign Language School

I enrolled in CDFLS AP Centre in September, 2012 as a sophomore, and now I am in year 2. The most impressive experience I have had is to fit in American traditional education, during which some challenges confronted successively have composed a meaningful and fulfilling memory for the first year in high school. 

First of all, I have experienced the campus life of a western high school—regular interaction with foreign teachers and more chances for group activities. These prepareme to prepare for TOEFL/SAT Test at school. Also, I can foster my own interests of playing the piano by attending activities on campus.

The first challenge in front of me during the first year was to become extroverted. At first, I did not feel so secure to talk freely with others—teachers and students. As I participated inmore activities and teamwork, I became more and more outgoing and active to get along with others.

Although I have not decided on my major yet, I have set a goal for my future life in an American University.  I plan to attend one of the famous universities in California. Stanford is my dream school, since it owns a good reputation and academic history. Stanford University would be my dream to realize in these 3 years.


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