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Dipont currently employs over 400 expatriate staff across our 27 international curricula centres and ENREACH Learning Centers.

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Teaching with Dipont

Our partner schools have unique histories and cultures, yet common themes emerge across all of them: high standards, committed and polite students and a belief in the all-round development of young people. From the oldest school in the world (where our A-Level centre in Chengdu is based) to the most recently developed institution, the commitment to the success of these programmes is undoubted.

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Our model, by working with highly regarded Chinese high schools, offers educators a unique opportunity to teach high ability Chinese students that are eager to learn- without the behaviour management issues experienced in many teaching posts.  Teachers who really enjoy the depth of subject teaching required at A Level, IBDP or AP Level find this experience incredibly fulfilling.  One of the key aims within each centre is to adequately prepare our students for successful university careers and for life overseas, in part developed through a modern, western style of teaching that encourages critical think ing, debate and application of learning.  Our students, above all else, make teaching here a very special and rewarding experience.

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