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Message from CEO

Our goal, throughout over twenty years of work, has been to open doors for young Chinese students to develop through new experiences and to have an opportunity to access education on a global level.

Across our range of programs, we aim to provide as many platforms as possible to allow our students to understand the world more extensively and profoundly. In so doing, we wish them to become more self-aware and to reflect on their own growth and development. We believe good education not only enables students to accumulate knowledge, but that it also awakens wisdom and allows individuals to find and cultivate a wholesome and happy lifestyle.

Our company cares about the growth of each individual young person involved in our programs and we expect every student to gain significant personal, as well as academic growth, through their experiences. The important factor is that they are involved in a program or enrichment activity that is most suited to them as an individual, and that fits their needs and ambitions for the future.

We sincerely invite you to learn more about Dipont and a very warm welcome to all of you who join us to share in our vision.

Benson Zhang
CEO of Dipont Education