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In practice, the program combines elements of in-depth career and personal counseling to students throughout their entire high school experience. Respecting “fit” as the core element in the process of supporting Chinese students' transition from secondary to postsecondary education, Dipont’s philosophy has three main pillars: 

Dipont strives to bridge the gap in practice and understanding between Chinese high schools and overseas universities. We initiated an “Authentic College Application” movement among our partner schools to promote honesty, authenticity, accuracy, and integrity in the college application and admissions process, as well as to provide equitable access to educational resources to students across the country. Dipont partner schools use the Naviance system to provide reliable and accurate data during the admission process.

Dipont is dedicated to providing comprehensive training to its counselors in an effort to provide the highest quality college counseling program. Dipont holds a series of professional development events to provide insights on current trends and practices in the U.S. college admission process. These trainings include annual and regional counselor conferences where partner high school counselors collaborate with experienced US counseling and admission professionals.

Dipont cares about the growth of each individual young person in our care and expects every student to gain significant personal and academic growth through their counseling experience.