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ENREACHTM College Admission Counseling Service

The College Admission Counseling Service (CACS) is a premier admissions consulting program that emphasizes admissions insight, excellent customer service, and ethical service delivery to produce the best results possible for our students. Working with teams that consist of former admissions officers, experienced graduates of American universities, and Chinese counselors with a deep understanding of Western culture, our students are able to do justice to their Chinese cultural heritage within an American process. Further, because the admissions process involves the whole family, CACS helps our students' families get involved throughout the program. Parents and students alike can therefore understand the holistic evaluation that defines selective admissions at American colleges and universities.

Unlike the prevailing counseling model in China, in which hired agents take complete control of a student’s application, CACS is an ethical, process-oriented program. We believe that through upholding the strictest standards of our profession, we provide our students with the best preparation for a Western college experience. Students are ultimately put in charge of their own application process, from school selection to essay writing to their final decisions. We emphasize the sort of academic, linguistic, and personal growth that allows students to succeed from the moment they arrive on a Western college campus. CACS stands apart from other counseling services not just because of our experience and results, but because our philosophy stresses education and continuing success.