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Teaching with Dipont

Beijing National Day School

Nick Nightingale, English

Over the past 25years in Asia, my life and work have taken me from Mumbai to Melbourne.

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Beijing Renmin University

Stuart McCall

After graduating from The University of Nottingham with a mathematical physics degree and completing a PGCE in mathematics education, I took up my first teaching position in the UK.  Two years later, I moved abroad to teach.

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Changchun High School

John Humphries, Centre Principal

The role of a Centre Principal is to make sure that the teachers have what they need to teach, that students have what they need to learn and to create a collegial atmosphere conducive to teaching and learning.

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Changzhou Foreign Languages School

Timothy Wallis

One of the positive things about our program is the focus on promoting critical thinking skills. As the year has progressed I have seen students go from passive listeners to active leaders in classroom discussions.

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Chengdu Foreign Languages School

Andy Sanchez Bautista

Working with young people is such a rewarding job for me. In CFLS I have an opportunity to inspire my students as they face the academic challenges, strengthening their core values and developing a good attitude to help them to get ready to face the uncertain circumstances that lie ahead of them.


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Chengdu Shishi High School

Ryan Strugnell, Teacher of Maths and Physics 

I was a Civil Engineer in my previous career in New Zealand, but in terms of personal passion, I really enjoy interacting and "journeying’ with youth.

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Dalian No.24 High School

Gavin Wheatley, Economics

After graduating I worked for a short time in the hospitality industry before I decided on a career in education. 

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Fuyang High School

Shawn Campbell, English

I was born in Lansing, Michigan, in the northern part of America. Before coming to the Fuyang AP Center, I worked at the Fuyang High School as an ESL teacher.

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Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

Will Arnold

I taught Mathematics to secondary school students in the United Kingdom in both selective schools and leading independent schools for many years where I was also heavily involved in co curricular activities particularly sport and outdoor pursuits.

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Hangzhou No 14 Secondary School

Thomas Merchant, Mathematics

My ultimate goal is to help students become first-rate people, capable of making important and long-lasting contributions to their society and the world.

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High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Johanna Jacobsen

My role here is two-fold. My first role is teaching English, primarily English language acquisition but some literature as well. Keeping students engaged is paramount so I try to make learning as interesting and fun as possible. My second role here is to prepare students for university in the West. The cultures are significantly different and it's important that they understand as much as possible about the differences in order to minimize the transition and increase their chance of success.


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Nanjing Foreign Languages School

Abass Mugabe

I enjoy the competitive nature of the IB programme. The interactions with the students and my colleagues are very rewarding so I kind of look at it as a benefit.

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Nanjing Jinling High School

Philip Wangila

I have an extended role of motivating, mentoring and challenging students to exercise their academic prowess in a way that makes them independent learners, who take responsibility for their learning process.

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Ningbo Foreign Language School

 Daniel Kitivo 

My greatest joy as an educator is to see how different global educational practices come into play in shaping the world in terms of technology advancement and fusion of different cultures. 

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Ningbo Xiaoshi High School

Jenna Farmer, English Teacher

I completed my teacher training in English in 2008 and then spent the next four years working as a Secondary School English Teacher in the United Kingdom.

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Ningbo Zhenhai High School

Eldred Apanya, Physics teacher

Before joining Zhenhai High School of Ningbo, I have had many years of Physics teaching experience in the United Kingdom. I will be in my fifth year at Zhenhai High School of Ningbo from September 2016; the students in Zhenhai High are unparalleled in their respect, dedication and sweetness. Teaching here is a dream.

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RDFZ AP Xishan

Kevin Kelly (English)

Prior to moving to China, I taught high school English for several years in the Philadelphia public school system.  Teaching in Beijing, as I do now, is a much different experience, and for the most part more enjoyable.  The main difference is the students, and the energy with which they approach their studies every day.

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Shenzhen Foreign Language School

Helmut Weber

After graduating from university I taught in Spain and the U.S.A for several years before coming to China. I worked at Dipont centers in Xi’an and Chengdu before finally settling in Shenzhen.

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Suzhou Experimental High School

Mark Brown, Teacher of English Literature

I spent two years teaching English in Korea before returning to UBC to complete studies in Education.

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Tianjin Foreign Language School

Dr. Wayne D. Riley

I entered college as a mathematic s major and then in my second year I switched to chemistry while continuing a minor in math.  It was a newly developed interest in nutrition that led me to chemistry. I obtained a master’s degree in chemistry and I was fortunate to work with Exxon Chemicals, followed by jobs with the Dutch-Akzo-Nobel and then the German-Degussa Chem

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Wuxi Jiangsu Tianyi High School

Thomas Donnelly,Chemistry and Environmental Science

During my 30-year career as a public school teacher, I taught different levels of biology, oceanography, ecology, chemistry, physics, general science and mathematics at the middle school and high school level. 

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Wuxi No. 1 High School

Patrick Njeru

Before joining Wuxi No. 1 High School I had over seven years of mathematics teaching experience. I Taught Mathematics at different levels, that is both IB HL and SL and A level Mathematics. Having graduated with a Masters degree in Applied Mathematics, I taught at Harvard International Education Group in Shanghai and Shanghai Expert Tutors for one year.

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Xi'an Gaoxin No. 1 High School

Michael Fehon

Teaching is my fifth career (the military, the law, accounting and IT).   So discipline, evidence, logic, and structure are deeply embedded into my teaching practice. 

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Zhangjiagang IVY Experimental School

Matthew Lewent

I was born in London, England and following my graduation from university with a degree in Economics and travelling around the world for a few years I decided to come to live in China. Before I joined this centre I had been working in China for 3 years in the Shanghai area. I moved over to China originally in 2012 to begin teaching English in Zhangjiagang, left for a few years to work in other schools in China and then came back!

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