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Students at Dipont

Beijing National Day School

My life here is exciting and peaceful.

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Beijing Renmin University

Emily Wang

My three years at ICC will have me well prepared for the thrilling college career I will embark on this fall at Stanford. Now I know better than to clearly plan my future in detail: I have a dream and that will be my direction.

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Changchun High School

Graeme Eysink

Being the only foreign student has made way for some really strong friendships with some of my classmates that have definitely made my time in this school and in China a lot easier and worthwhile.

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Changzhou Foreign Languages School


I started at my AP Center in September 2014. I have been here for almost two years and I have to say everything here is so wonderful and memorable.

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Chengdu Foreign Languages School


 I love my experience here, absolutely love it. In the AP centre I get experience that I will never get by attending the Gaokao track. I think how the AP centre changed me is not to be seen in a short period of time. I know it changed me a lot but I don't know which specific events influenced me in a certain way.

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Chengdu Shishi High School

Joy Hou

By committing to an English-only policy in the classroom and talking to the native-speaker teachers, I feel completely immersed in the language, which effectively improves my English skills.

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Dalian No.24 High School


I started at the A level centre in this September. So far everything here is awesome.

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Fuyang High School

Yvonne and Peter

We have received plenty of knowledge in different areas and broadened our horizons. In addition, we have made good friends who have the same interests.

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Hangzhou Foreign Languages School

Never follow the crowd. Ask yourself why you want to achieve something before starting doing anything. Essentially “Why” questions are what matter.

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Hangzhou No 14 Secondary School


I have learned a lot of useful skills and made many friends. The experience here is definitely fascinating!

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High School Affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University


Being a typical Chinese student throughout my first 15 years, I was amazed when I first looked into what the IB program could offer.

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Nanjing Foreign Languages School

Kehuan Wu

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) penetrates into my real life by encouraging me to think deeper and wider when seeing news and controversy. Most importantly, I discovered myself to be a risk taker. Although “risk-taking” can become a cliché among students, the IB indeed makes me more inclined to take risks. This “risk-taking” motto always encourages me when I dare not take a decision.

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Nanjing Jinling High School


Traveling abroad for further study is not only an excellent opportunity for me to learn more about various cultures but also  good practice for me to be more independent. Without any doubt, A-Level is one of the best programs for  preparing  students who would like to apply for foreign universities like me.

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Ningbo Foreign Language School

Lillian Pengwen Chen

Overall, being at Ningbo Foreign Language School AP Center has been a great experience and one that has given me lots of opportunities to grow and explore the world.

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Ningbo Xiaoshi High School

I started the programme in September 2012. The experience has been fantastic really.

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Ningbo Zhenhai High School


I started my A-Level study in 2012 after graduating from Ningbo Foreign Language School.

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RDFZ AP Xishan

David Cai (Senior 3)

In XISHAN, I can find numerous opportunities to discover my personality and keep pushing myself to the limit. If you asked me what I’ve learned the most in past three years in XISHAN, my answer is: to strive, to trust, and to respect.

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Shenzhen Foreign Language School

I joined the AP center at the start of my junior year, and I would like to say that being part of the AP family is one of the most intelligent choices I made that year. 

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Suzhou Experimental High School

Frederick Min

This is my first semester studying in the AP center. Life here is much more colorful than my peers’ who are going to take the Chinese college entrance examination.

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Tianjin Foreign Language School

I feel confident when I study here. I have to say my study experience is great! I experienced a lot, and I feel I’ve grown up.

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Wuxi Jiangsu Tianyi High School


I came to Tianyi AP center in the fall of 2011, and this is the place where I start to find my career interest.  

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Wuxi No. 1 High School

The life is different from my previous experience with frequent communication with teachers, additional foreign language classes and free time for self study.

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Xi'an Gaoxin No. 1 High School

Zou Qinfei 

Without a doubt, I learn more knowledge in different fields, from Calculus to Economics, acquiring basic skills for college study and understanding the world around me better. Through trying and learning various subjects, I also found what my real interests are, what major I’d like to choose and who I want to be.       

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Zhangjiagang IVY Experimental School

Di Zhao

Firstly, I want to study abroad and I think the A-Level course can really add to my competitiveness during my college application process. Secondly, the traditional Chinese educational system is exam-orientated and the only factor Chinese universities consider when they enroll students is their test scores, which do not necessarily represent their abilities to adapt to university life. I think this system greatly limits the true potential of students and can even shape their personalities in a negative direction. The CIE Centre in our school brings me a bigger stage to show my talents and potential.

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